Bugac of Specialities

Roasted pork with baked potatoes and a ragout with scrambled eggs and sausages  1950 Ft
Barbecued pork Transylvanian Style
roasted barbecue with mushrooms and bacon ragout
1950 Ft
Pork with Greece salad 1950Ft
Outlaw stew with egg barley 1800 Ft
Beef stew sprinkled with wine 1800 Ft
Pork chop filled with piquant pultry liver and mashed potatoes 1950 Ft
Filled pork chop in Kecskemét Style with mashed potatoes 1800 Ft
Pork chop with cream, mushroom sauce and noodles Bakony style 1950 Ft
Mixed steak with garnish 1950 Ft
Bugac grill mixed dish for two  3800 Ft
Pork ribs Farmer style with a tomato -green pepper slew 1950 Ft
Pork clod in Budapest Style with potatoes 1950 Ft


You can also order small portions for 60% of the full price. We charge 100 forint for packaging. By request we can prepare special disher for your order in advance.